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RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification.  It is an electronic radio technology to identify objects, animals and persons.  A RFID system is made up of two main components:

  • An active electronic device with reading, identification and writing functions
  • A small device containing the information you want to read or modify, usually applied to the objects to be identified.

The “reading” device interrogates the device containing the information and this device (TAG) responds by communicating all the information it has stored.

A Track+Race system applied to a warehouse has manifold functions:

  • It automatically identifies and locates every object moved by specially equipped vehicles, which means cutting material search times down to zero.
  • It coordinates all the warehouse logistics activities and processes
  • It optimises vehicle use and overall warehouse performance
  • It maintains a permanent record of the warehouse inventory
  • It substantially reduces preparation and shipment errors.

Of course, Track+Race is particularly suitable to manage goods stacked outside on yards.

Of course, the Track+Race infrastructure components have been designed to allow fast, little invasive and easily scalable installation in any type of building, both existing and new.

What components is a Track+Race system made up of?

Track+Race is made up of:

  • A fleet of lift trucks equipped with Track+Race hardware and sensors: the equipped lift trucks automatically receive the list of orders to be executed, they automatically recognise their position and the objects to be moved.
  • A ground infrastructure achieved bymapping and referencing the surfaces with Track+Race transponders:  the lift trucks automatically recognise and identify the outfitted areas.
  • Standard Wi-Fi coverage  (wireless LAN)
  • A client/server control software platform: the client is installed on a PanelPC onboard the lift truck.

Certamente, l’hardware Track+Race è installabile su qualsiasi carrello elevatore o mezzo di movimentazione di magazzino. Lo staff tecnico Weflex è a vostra disposizione per qualsiasi chiarimento e per sopralluoghi direttamente presso le aziende interessate.

Track+Race is a patented system developed and manufactured by Indyon GmbH. Weflex is the exclusive distributor and installer of the Track+Race system for the Italian market. Weflex today has the expertise to design, install and customise “turnkey” Track+Race systems integrating them with the rest of the corporate systems (production and warehouse).

The Track+Race infrastructure is fast to install. The operating activities, such as transponder installation and lift truck equipment can be completed in less than two months.

The transponder is a basic element used to map the surfaces. The lift trucks are equipped with sensors capable of unambiguously recognising and identifying the transponders they “drive over” and, based on these, calculate their own coordinates (X, Y) as well as the Z coordinate of the goods handled.

We use high-quality, sealed, low-frequency passive transponders for the Track+Race systems. As they are not battery-powered, they theoretically have an infinite life. They are so highly reliable that 10-year functioning is guaranteed. In the unfortunate event the a transponder is damaged or fails, the systems continues functioning since it is redundant. The repair operations are easy, fast and low-cost.

Weflex is able to support the customer in all stages of the project and suggest the most innovative solutions to guarantee excellent wireless communication quality in all areas.

The lift trucks and goods transfer are fully controlled and governed by a specific supervision software. This software can moreover be connected to any Warehouse Management System (WMS) and/or developed software systems for activity or production planning, workload balancing and operation scheduling.

Using a Track+Race system means enjoying numerous advantages, not all easily quantifiable. The logistics sector performance can realistically be improved by over 30%. The quality the customer perceives is significantly improved: drastic reduction of shipment errors, accurate batch tracking,  fast execution of even complex orders.

The Track+Race user interface is very easy and intuitive to use. The terminal has a large display with easy-to-learn touch screen functions.

Any operator will be able to correctly use a Track+Race system after just a few hours of training. No specialisation is required. We should add that in a company equipped with a Track+Race system, any new hire or cooperative staff will immediately after training be able to work as if they knew the warehouse inside out.
The system in fact provides all the information to easily and quickly identify areas and objects.
Thanks to the user-friendly navigation system, even the most inexpert lift truck driver will always manage to find the goods without any difficulty whatsoever and without the possibility of error.

Every business has specific requirements. Weflex can customise the Track+Race warehouse layouts to maximise performance, increase safety and reduce errors.

The Track+Race infrastructure is designed for installation on asphalted or cement surfaces or on self-locking flooring . Nonetheless, adopting special precautions, the transponders can also be installed on other surfaces, such as earth, gravel, etc.

Expanding and modifying a Track+Race system and adapting it to new operating requirements is easy, fast and costs very little: all you need to do is update the signs, reposition or add new transponders, update the database, and the new area is ready to receive the material.

A Track+Race system is not dedicated to any particular production typology and can be applied in any company that moves goods with transpallets, lift trucks or similar.

Weflex is a company with more than 10 years’ experience and in-depth know-how of the logistics world. Weflex designs and supplies turnkey systems, offers various services, manages warehouses in full outsourcing, and is a consultant for major Italian companies.

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